Features that bring you forward

Calls, SMS, fax and more – sipgate.io offers you the possibility to integrate sipgate functions individually. Extend your service with useful telephone features to stand out from the competition. Get started for free to easily test all functions.


Use the advantages of the fully cloud-based and scalable Telephony Platform of sipgate.io, to build customized reactions on incoming calls or initiate calls out of your service.


Send automated text messages as reminders, alerts or notifications and react on receiving SMS to optimize your workflow. Use SMS in your service today.


Send any PDF file as a fax from your service and use the history to see all faxes that are currently pending, have been sent, or are scheduled.


Webhooks enable you to react to incoming and outgoing calls in real time. They are essentially messages that sipgate.io sends to a predefined URL (e.g. your server) in response to certain call events such as a new incoming call. Although a single call might trigger several webhooks, we only bill you one webhook unit per call.

Both incoming and outgoing calls can be configured to trigger webhooks, Additionally, the feature can be enabled and disabled for individual connections. Text messages and faxes are currently not supported.

Real Time Call Manipulation (RTCM)

The Real Time Call Manipulation API enables you to modify currently running calls and offers you the following options:

  • Hang up calls
  • Play an announcement
  • List all currently established calls. The response does not contain ringing calls or currently running voicemail recordings
  • Send DTMF tone sequences to all participants
  • Hold/resume a call
  • Mute/Unmute yourself
  • Start or stop a call recording
  • Transfer a call