Slack Integrations

Slack is a communication software that companies all around the world use for easy internal communication. Integrating your sipgate account into Slack allows you to implement many helpful features. With our Slack integrations, you can bring your telephony into the communication tool that you are already using.

See who is on a call

Update your Slack status automatically so that your team and colleagues know when you are on a phone call. This decreases forwarding attempts and other distractions.

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Listen to voicemails and read SMS

To read your SMS you don’t have to switch between devices and tools anymore: Push new SMS directly into a Slack channel with this integration. You also can listen to and even download voicemail messages using Slack.

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Notifications for missed calls

Notice missed calls even faster with notifications via Slack message. The message contains the incoming phone number, so you can call back immediately.

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