Secure login with

Two-Factor Authentication

Increase security by integrating 2FA into your login process: combine two independent services for the proof of identity for a user.

Sending a code via SMS is easy to implement and offers an intuitive application to users. In addition to logging in with username and password, the security of the login is increased by the temporary code that is sent via SMS. Nevertheless you should consider potential security risks before choosing SMS as the second factor.

Use the SMS capabilities of to add 2FA to your service’s login.

User Experience

Increase product quality

Use the security advantages of 2FA to make your product more attractive for customers. By integrating SMS into your 2FA service, you offer your customers the easiest way for a more secure login. SMS messaging is quick and intuitive to use.

Security benefits

Protect user accounts

With 2FA you increase the security of your accounts by requiring a second essential factor for the login. Through the combination of knowledge and ownership, you offer your customers greater protection against unauthorized access.

1st factor - The knowledge factor

This factor should already be built into your login process and enables your customers to access their accounts. Usually, the required user data consists of user name and password. Alternatively, for example, you can ask personal security questions that only the user can answer correctly, such as „What is the name of the first street you lived on?“

2nd factor -The ownership factor

The simplest example of this factor is the key to a lock. You must physically own the key in order to open the lock. In our scenario, the customer’s mobile replaces the key – but retains the essential property that it is in the customer’s possession and, ideally, is protected against access by third parties with additional security measures. With our solution, you can add this ownership factor to your login.

Benefits of SMS

Available immediately

Using SMS is convenient because it is supported by all cell phones. There is no need for users to install anything or register for other services.

Proof of identity

Because SMS are linked to a phone number, fake accounts can be reduced, since a phone number requires proof of identity.

Guaranteed reception

Compared to email, you ensure the reception of the 2FA codes, because messages don’t end up in full inboxes and spam folders.

Security risks

Using SMS as a second factor is more secure than no second factor at all. Compared to other 2FA methods, SMS provides a lower security standard. This should be considered when choosing your second authentication factor. We warn against using SMS for account restoration in particular. You can find a study that gives more in-depth information on the topic here.