Call Statistics

Build custom data dashboards with our API. Make your call handling more efficient and improve availability for your customers.

In this tutorial, we show how to create a dashboard with little effort – using and Grafana.

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Call and wait times

Every second counts. Find out how long an average call lasts and what’s the average time in the queue. This enables you to optimize your customers‘ wait time. You can also look at customers that hang up, while still being in the queue.

Live Statistics

Our real-time stats give insight into the number of current calls or customers in the queue and more. This gives you an overview of the day’s events and lets you know how busy your teams are. It also enables you to adjust on the spot so that your customers can contact you in the best possible way.

Missed Calls

Increase your availability by analyzing your missed calls. Compare incoming and accepted calls to see call load peaks. This way you can notice when you receive more calls than you can answer so that you can improve your availability during peak times. Your customers will thank you.

Group filter

Sort your stats into different user groups. You can group by the phone numbers in your sipgate account into departments, teams, or other categories for a targeted analysis. Your teams can view and improve the KPIs that are most important to them.

Time filter

Filter by hours, days, weeks, months, or years, to really drill down into your stats. Find the time periods with low availability so that you can optimize in the future.

Ideal for statistics

sipgate is our cloud-based telephone system for companies and teams in which you can configure users and user groups. This makes sipgate and the perfect combination for call stats.


95* Euro
  1. cloud telephone system
  2. users and user groups
  3. can be canceled monthly

00* Euro
  1. free REST API usage
  2. 100 webhook calls free
  3. 4,9 ct per additional call