Philips Hue integration

Your Philips Hue light can react to calls!

This project is amazing for call centers and similar organizations. You can indicate a call or even change the color depending on who is calling. Imagine a red alert lamp for when your in-laws call again.

Call the following number to see how the lamp on the right turns pink:

+49 211 63556699

You can recreate it with our tutorial:

to the tutorial

Use Cases

Call Center

Indicate calls with a hue light so that no one gets interrupted or cut off when you or an employee is currently on a call.


Use your hue light as a call indicator so that you won’t miss any calls because you couldn’t hear the phone ringing over the noise of your power drill.


Indicate incoming calls with a hue garden light so you will notice your landline-phone even outside – without annoying the neighbors.

Be creative

These use cases are just some of our ideas for this integration. All of our projects aim to be usable in a wide range of ways so get creative and find your personal use case.