Import Contacts from Outlook

Use our REST API to automatically import your Microsoft Outlook contacts into your sipgate account. To the Tutorial

One Contact - Two directories

No need to maintain your contacts in two different places. As long as your contacts are up to date in Outlook your sipgate contacts will be, too. Thanks to our API.

Always up to date

Import your contacts from Microsoft Outlook with our automated script. Once set up, the script will keep importing your contacts at regular intervals – automagically. This way, your sipgate contacts are always up to date.

Quick start with our contact import

You are a new sipgate customer? Or plan to be in the near future? Get a leg up by importing all your contacts from Outlook – quick and easy. No need to copy contacts by hand.

No duplicate contacts

An automatic sync also prevents duplicate entries of the same contact under slightly different names. And the cherry on top: You can check all existing contacts in your sipgate account and update the name to the one in Outlook.