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Retrieve text messages with our library

Use our node library to receive SMS as they come in.
Deploy it into reality with a few lines of code.
const { createHistoryModule, sipgateIO } = require("sipgateio");

const { HistoryEntryType } = require("sipgateio/dist/history");

const sipgateio = sipgateIO({
  token_id: process.env.SIPGATE_TOKEN_ID,
  token: process.env.SIPGATE_TOKEN

const historyModule = createHistoryModule(sipgateio);

console.log("Waiting for SMS...");

setInterval(() => {
      types: [HistoryEntryType.SMS],
      directions: ["INCOMING"],
      archived: false,
    .then((messages) => {
      messages.forEach((message) => {
        console.log(`SMS received:\n${message.smsContent}`);
      historyModule.batchUpdateEvents(messages, () => ({
        archived: true,
}, 5000); on GitHub

On our GitHub page you can find code examples and documentation for Check it out now!